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i listened to stevie wonder in a chinese foodcourt.

then madvillain on the way in the car, watching some p-plater thrash in his car.

because my friend who lent me them wants them back, i've been reading through jaime hernandez's comics faster. it's really good. i was actually trying to force more food into me because i wanted to look like maggie, hahaha. it was also a sweet read because i've wanted more of that californian/mexican vibe after reading steinbeck's tortilla flats hahaha.. granted it's not the same sort of thing since one is in the 90s and the other in the earlier half of the 20th century..

ANYWAY it's great. it takes me hour to get through one book which is why it's taking me so long to get it back to sophie..

my brother bought dj hero a couple of days ago. one night, i was listening to j dilla and my brother suddenly was interested in it and asked for the album. he even said, "oh, so you're listening to remixes now........."

but no..

whenever i listen to j dilla, i want to smoke pot. i'm actually in such a shit way tonight, i would like some pot now. i need a stash of my own. but i don't have money. and tom's not taking me seriously when i ask him to score me some.
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